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Prayer Walk Schedule 

Each location will have a Prayer Walk coordinator, please plan on meeting at the main entrance of the schools or at the flag pole.   Prayer Coordinators, please plan to arrive around 9:45 AM to prepare for the event.   Churches are welcome to bring water or snacks for their location.   I will try to obtain a close estimate of number of people by Thursday, August 4th when we have our planning meeting via Zoom.   If you would like to join on the Zoom call, then RSVP to one of the schools. 

At the High School, prayer groups will be led by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 

Gavin Sharpe Prayer-A-Thon is not a MGSD event, but a community of believers covering our students and faculty in prayer. 

Ministers please keep devotionals to 5 minutes and relevant to teens and children. 

Coordinators, please designate a person with a good voice to lead one of the below songs via acapella or acoustic. 

Here is a link to our Prayer Guide =>

Do not hesitate to call or text Jeramy Smith at 770-468-7453. 

MGSD Host Churches


Fellowship of Christian Athletes - MHS - Coach Watson & Laurie Pluck 


Mooresville High School - Lake City Church - Jennifer Brawley  and  The Cove Church - Sam Kern - Outreach Coordinator 

Mooresville Middle School  -  Mom's for Liberty - Laketha Bobish and Kelli Harris 

Mooresville Intermediate - Upper Praise - Pastor Shelly  and  WaterVue - Pastor Jason Bentley

Rocky River Elementary - Morrows Chapel United Methodist Church- Pastor Sharnetta Clark Gordon

East Mooresville Intermediate - Rocky Mount Church - Mishael Hamrick 

Park View Elementary School - Pastor Christi Little & Christian Motorcyclist Association 

South Elementary School - Higher Purpose Church - Minister Lisa Heagans 

Abundant Life - David Giles

NF Woods Campus - Community Baptist Church  - Pastor Jonathan Smith and New City House of Praise - Pastor Kevin Little 

Mooresville Administration Office & Support Staff  via ZOOM - Minister Tamiara Crowder 

10AM - Opening Prayer 

10:02 - Welcome (Acknowledgement of Ministers and Public Figures) 

10:04 - Gavin Sharpe Testimony

10:07 - Devotional from a Student 

10:10 - Worship - "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus"

10:15 - Instruction on Prayer Walk Guide 

10:15 - Break into Groups (Coordinator organizes everyone into groups of 5-10 people and select a captain for each group.)

10:20 to 10:50 - Prayer Walk around the School (Please be respectful of others and school grounds) 

10:50 - Devotional from Minister -  "Overcoming the Battlefield of the Mind"

11:00 - Worship - "Amazing Grace" or "Break Every Chain"
11:05 - Closing Prayer 

Worship Songs Options

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