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Lake Shore Middle & Elementary Prayer Walk 2023 
10AM - Opening Prayer 

10:02 - Welcome (Acknowledgement of Ministers and Public Figures) 
10:04 - Worship 
10:07 - Devotional from a Student  - Emerson 
10:10 - Worship 
10:15 - Instruction on Prayer Walk Guide 
10:15 - Break into Groups (Coordinator organizes everyone into groups of 5-10 people and select a captain for each group.)
10:20 to 10:50 - Prayer Walk around the School (Please be respectful of others and school grounds) 
10:50 - Student Devotional - Jack Baker
11:00 - Worship 
11:05 - Closing Prayer 

2022-2023 Prayer Guide 


  • Students come to know Christ personally

  • Students become missionaries to their peers 

  • Stay focused on their Academics 

  • Block off any physical, emotional or spiritual hindrances

  • Attend classes on time and regularly

  • Motivated to be prepared for classes 

  • Completing all assignments and homework 

  • Knowing when to ask for help 

  • Time Management 

  • Healthy Home Life 

  • Healing over their body within anything related to their Health

  • Respecting themselves and others 

  • Protecting them from unhealthy influences and relationships

  • Bind up the spirit of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts 

  • Peace and love within relationship with parents, siblings and home life


  • Teachers come to know Christ personally

  • Grow more passionately in love with their students 

  • Wisdom to increase the knowledge in young people's minds

  • Spirit of depression and anxiety will not have a grip on their personal or professional life

  • Healthy relationship between administrators and educators

  • Educators will have access to the resources they need in the classroom 


  • Come to know Christ personally.

  • Peace of mind and spirit developing class schedules and programs 

  • Wisdom to create a game plan to meet curriculum standards set by the state

  • Discernment and wisdom on how to increase the rankings of all schools within our county

  • Provide professional development opportunities for teachers 

  • Guidance on how to monitor students' success with test results and other data 

  • Being frugal but effective with overseeing the school budget

  • Effectively implementing school security 

  • Building good relationship with students, parents, teachers, support staff and community leaders

  • Innovation, wisdom, and favor with hiring new staff members 


  • Center their heart in Christ

  • Allow students' voices to be heard

  • Allow parents' voices to be heard 

  • Parents are able to be part of the process

  • Discernment related to a student performance in class and identifying the source of the problem(s) 

  • Help Students develop a plan for their academic career that corresponds with their skills and interest

  • Host crisis intervention and prevention programs

School Board Members 

  • Open to listen and communicate well with parents 

  • Involved with the school system and connecting with students and teachers 

  • Maintain governance standards 

  • Make sound decision when it comes to programs, fiances, and curriculum 

  • Be able to show grace to those who oppose their ideology and decision on votes 

  • Pray that the Lord will blessed them for showing interest in the field of education 

  • Each Board member will be successful in implementing their vision for the school, so long as it is in the will of the Lord. 

  • The school board will come to know Jesus personally as their Lord and Savior

Support Staff  

  • Touch the heart of Resource Officers as they protect, build relationships and mentor young people within the schools.

  • Touch the minds of our Bus Drivers as they safely transport or students

  • Touch the hands of our Cafeteria workers as they prepare nutritional food for our students

  • Touch the strength of our Custodial workers as they work diligently to keep our schools clean and safe. 

  • Touch our Teachers' Aide as they brighten the days of young people and support our teachers 

  • Touch our front desk team as they help steer the ship of many moving  components that happen on a school day

  • Touch all their hearts to know Jesus personally


  • Come to know Jesus personally 

  • Active involved in their child's life and education 

  • Discernment in tough conversations or behavior related to child and behaviors

  • Actively involve in school board meetings and PTA

  • Build healthy relationships and good communication between teachers, bus drivers, and administrators

  • Discernment and wisdom related to the friends and influencers within their child(ren) environment at school, church, and community

  • Develop a healthy home life for their child(ren)

  • Parents are able to manage their home life and work life to be present with their children 

  • Wisdom on having tough conversation with their children 

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Prayer Walk Updates 

Third Saturday of Every Month at 10AM 

Thanks for submitting!

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