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The Next Billy Graham: #GAVINSTRONG

Who is this kid by the name of Gavin Sharpe, whose legacy continues to electrify our community for Christ. Whenever his name is mentioned the brightest of smiles protrudes from the faces of those who love him. His followers exhibit the utmost resilience and commitment to ensure that his passion to share Christ continues to be represented at Mooresville High School. As I learn more about Gavin and his passion to become a pastor and the next Billy Graham. I cannot help but to relate with him, because I too have a similar objective to someday become as influential as Reverend Graham. As a young lad, I spent a large portion of my childhood with my grandparent, I remember vividly getting pumped to sit down with my grandmother and watch one of Rev. Grahams crusades on television. The stadium was packed full of people, he preached with such passion, and hundreds of people came down and gave their lives to our Savior, Jesus Christ. What a wonderful experience to witness! Reflecting on the witness of Gavin Sharpe, I cannot help but think he had a similar vision to pack out stadiums, write books that inspired believers to grow deeper in God, and deploy team members into the mission field, whether it is overseas or a local high school. The question at hand is what does that look like for us in the modern era?

A buddy of mine gave me call sharing that he ran into one of my Fellowship of Christian Athlete students and the student shared with him that they are holding a Fields of Faith on Wednesday, October 19th at 7 PM at MHS Popps Stadium. The student proceeded to tell him that invitation letters are being sent to all public officials and students are creating a bulletin for the event with #GAVINSTRONG at the centerpiece of the program. Would it not be awesome, if our community could come together and embrace Gavin's dream/vision of packing out a stadium. Why not start a revival right here in our own back yard and make Gavin's dream a reality.

What is Fields of Faith? Fields of Faith is a nationwide event where students, coaches, and a keynote speaker give their testimony on how God has impacted their lives. The keynote note speaker is Pastor Stuart Branstetter from Elevation Church/Lake Norman and worship will be conducted by Corwin S. and Ashyln Sharpe (Sister of Gavin Sharpe). Fields of Faith is held on a Wednesday evening, because it is a wonderful opportunity for youth groups and churches to worship together and support the students who are missionaries in the four walls of their schools.

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