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Hello, I am Mike Kubiniec!

Michael (Mike) Kubiniec also known as "Captain K"  is a candidate for Iredell-Statesville School (ISS) Board of Education.   He is an engineer, businessman and entrepreneur with skills that will become a great asset to ISS. 

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Our Mission: Educate Children Today to be Tomorrow’s Leaders

Hello neighbor!


The last few years have been challenging for our country and our home here in Iredell County.  Our school-age children were some of the most negatively impacted.  Due to forced closures, imposed remote learning, restrictions on extracurricular and athletic programs, and mask/separation mandates, children in our school system have suffered learning loss, social development delays, and mental health issues.  In addition, our rights as parents continue to be under attack.  This is a call to action; the time is now to stand up for our rights and freedoms in this nation - and that starts right here at the local level.


I am a retired Navy Captain and served in the Navy for 30 years in our Submarine Force.  Then I worked in 2 high technology industries.  I have held senior level leadership roles in both the Navy and business. Now, I want to serve our country and community again on our Iredell-Statesville School Board.


My priorities as your board member will be:

  • Serve the needs of students, parents and families FIRST!

  • Deliver academic excellence for every student.

  • Return to the basics, which I call “Brilliant on the Basics.” Focus more on: mathematics, reading, writing, science, history and developing critical thinking skills.

  • “Normalcy” must return to our schools. Eliminate all distractions found in the school day.

  • Demand accountability for producing the highest quality academic achievement for ALL students from the Superintendent, Principals, teachers and school staffs.

  • Work tirelessly with state and local officials to increase pay for all instructional staff members.


Every decision I will make will be in the context of “what is best for the student.”  No other factors will ever sway my decision-making process. You have this commitment from me.


I ASK FOR YOUR VOTE!  I am the best qualified candidate with the highest and broadest level of personal and professional experience.  I have prepared and studied, and have been to nearly every school board meeting over the last 13 months. I am fluent with the current issues facing the board so once elected, I am ready to hit the ground running to serve you, Iredell County.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any comments, questions or concerns.  I feel most passionately about the quality of our children’s education, and I would be more than happy to speak to you about any issues you may have.




Mike Kubiniec   

“Captain K”

Iredell-Statesville Schools Board of Education - District 5



I'm always looking for opportunities to connect with my constituents please reach out to my campaign.

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