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Hello, I am Laketha Bobish!

Laketha Bobish  is a candidate for Iredell County Commissioner.  She is an expert in community policy and non-profits.   With these skill sets, she will ensure that programs in our community uses tax dollars wisely. 

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My Story

Laketha Bobish was born in the state of Florida, and after being fostered by her now adoptive parents, was raised in southern New York. Her parents instilled in her the values and importance of faith-based living and cultivating a relationship with Jesus. She learned and lives by the ideology of God fist in her life, family at the center of it all, and a love of country and her fellow man. Laketha believes it is these values that help set her foundation and desire to run for Iredell County Commissioner. She believes she can be a resounding voice for We the People, and those who are not adequately represented and seem to be voiceless in an ever changing society moving toward selfish ambition rather than focusing on the rights, liberties, and pursuits of happiness and justice for all. Laketha believes the time for standing with We the People is NOW and does not plan to back down from the fight for the right of every individual to be heard and considered.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to connect with my constituents in Iredell County. 

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