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Free the Smiles is a movement of people seeking to advocate for the welling being of students and protection of parental rights and liberties within our school and community.  In January 2022, we organized to formulate our group to be able to address concerns within our school systems and to be a conservative Christian voice that advocates for our constituents.

Since being in action: ​

  • We have represented hundreds of parents at our Board of Education Meetings. 

  • We have vetted and endorsed political candidates that will stand for parental rights religious, and medical freedoms. 

  • We have helped raised around $20K for legal actions and campaign projects.

  • We have supported and inspired young people to lead Prayer Walks around their school campuses. 

  • We have supported the launch of Christian Clubs in our schools 

  • We have held educational events to keep our community informed on the latest issues.  

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