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We lean heavily on the guidance of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ to guide our paths to address the issues of mental health, academic performance, and social relations through tangible actions out of love. We achieve these objectives by starting Christian clubs in schools, tutoring youth in reading, and establishing community round tables to effectively resolve our societal mountains.  Isaiah 52: 7-10   

We strive to advocate for students, families, and community leaders on local issues that affect liberties and quality of education. It is our objective to ensure that the people voices are equally heard by community leaders.  

What are the tangible Christian solutions we should be fighting to implement in Schools:



  1. More STUDENT LED unified Prayer Walks around our schools. Prayer walks show solidarity and heavy expression of our need for the Almighty to intervene and give us wisdom and solutions. We all know what we are facing is spiritual warfare, Ephesians 6:12! 

  2. Train up young people to become missionaries within the four walls of their schools. 

  3. Increase the number of Christian Bible Clubs in the schools, especially in the middle and high. 

  4. Get Lake Norman High School to restore club time, so Christian can share their faith during school time with friends. 

  5. Raise money for local club chapters such as Fellowship of Christian Athletes to be effective with their ministry and assist with expanding programs. 

  6. Develop an ecumenical database so that ministers and spiritual leaders can be called within minutes of tragic or emergency moments within our schools 

  7. Local community leaders should recruit and raise funds for inspiring people to come speak before young people within the school.  We should make every effort to raise up, men, money, and morale to implement the matter within the schools. 

  8. Try to approach school issues and concerns as non-partisan as possible and in the midst of sharing our concern, Christ should be at the center! 

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