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Hello, I am Abby!

    Abby Trent is a candidate for Iredell-Statesville School (ISS) Board of Education.  She is a recent college graduate and businessman with the common sense that needs to return to ISS. 

    My Story

    I am pleased to announce that I am running to be the District member of the Iredell Statesville School System's Board of Education.  I bring first hand knowledge of the issues many of our local schools are facing.  As a recent graduate of South Iredell High School and Mitchell Community College, I am aware of what Iredell Schools desperately needs to succeed academically, finaincally, and socially.  Our students are looking for guidance and standards within our schools to prepare them for their adult lives. I am committed to ensuring our schools meet the needs of every child in District 3,  while remaining fiscally responsible with every tax dollar. I will diligently represent you and your family on the Iredell Statesville School Board of Education. 

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